Dealing with giant tables in Postgres using Partitioning

Operation towards very large tables takes too much time in database. To overcome this problem, Postgres introduced partitioning using pg_partman extension. Steps to implement 1. Install extensionCREATE EXTENSION pg_partman; 2. Create tableCREATE TABLE events; 3. Create parent index tableSELECT create_parent(‘’, ‘created_at’, ‘time’, ‘daily’); 4. Run partitioningSELECT run_maintenance(); Reference

Some tips to reinforce security in Laravel

Prevent from Brute-force attack In Laravel 7, Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\ThrottlesLogins is already there in LoginController which is used to prevent brute-force attack. Route::post(‘login’, ‘Auth\LoginController@postLogin’)->middleware(“throttle: maxAttempts, decayMinutes“); Prevent from going back in browser history after login/logout After logout, users should not be able to go back to the previous page by using browser’s “back” button. We need to add …

Using LaravelCollective

This is a set of packages to help us working with HTML, Remote, Annotations and Errors in Laravel. How to install composer require laravelcollective/html Basic Usage Opening a form tag:{!! Form::open([‘url’ => ‘foo/bar’]) !!} Generating a drop-down list: {!! Form::select(‘size’, [‘L’ => ‘Large’, ‘S’ => ‘Small’]) !!} Documentation For further information, please check this documentation: