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Features Overview

The Headliners

What makes ag-Grid different from the other grids? We are proud of the amount of polish and completeness of our grid; the features below are our personal favourites. They are hard to find in alternative offerings, let alone combined and working out of the box together at the level we offer.

Works With Your Framework

Ag-Grid supports all major web frameworks through idiomatic, hand-crafted wrappers. You don’t use any of these? No problem, we support vanilla JavaScript too.

Grouping / Aggregation

Let your users explore their data. ag-Grid allows the end user to group by specific columns. Optionally, you can display various aggregate column values in the grouped row.


ag-Grid comes with an extensive set of built-in column filter types. You can also filter by all columns simultaneously with quick filtering. You can even implement your own custom filtering UI and logic.

Cell Editing

Users can update data with cell editing. Use one of the provided cell editors or create your own to suit your business needs.

Lazy Loading

Save your server resources! Ag-Grid can request the right amount of records just in time when the user scrolls, or when filtering / sorting / paging is applied.

Server-Side Operations

Dealing with extremely large data sets? Perform the heavy / complex filtering and sorting using your database.

Live Stream Updates

The data in the grid can be updated in real time. The grid can easily handle hundreds of updates per second while being fully responsive.

Tree Data

You can easily display data has parent / child relationships by passing the relationship as part of the data. For example, a folder can contain zero or more files and other folders.

Customisable Appearance

Ag-Grid ships several different themes. Pick one that matches your project look and feel, and fully customise so that the grid is consistent with your application.

Convenient Licensing

Ag-Grid Community is MIT licensed, no strings attached. ag-Grid Enterprise comes with a commercial license, that works for both Single and Multiple App Developers. Both are in public GitHub repositories.

Commercial Grade Support

Ag-Grid Enterprise comes with a private support by the ag-Grid development team itself, with a guaranteed 24 hour response time.

The Runner-ups

Still not convinced? Let’s show you some more then. Some of the these are truly unique to ag-Grid. We know the enterprise, and the complex scenarios you developers should deal with on a daily basis.

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