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AR comes to Android with the ARCore SDK

Unity and Google have a shared vision of democratizing Virtual and Augmented Reality development. Unity’s XR team has been working hand-in-hand with the Immersive Computing team at Google to overcome some of the most difficult challenges AR development presents.

One of the biggest hurdles that developers face is ensuring that their apps and experiences are available to the widest possible audience. To overcome this, AR needs to work on hardware that users already own, such as mobile devices. Technologies like ARCore present new opportunities for delivering AR experiences to millions of users.

With this SDK, developers can use Unity to easily create new high-performance AR Android Apps or upgrade existing apps with exciting AR functionality.

ARCore Features

Environmental understanding. Allows virtual objects to be placed in a way that physically connects with the real world.

Motion Tracking. Allows users to walk around and interact with virtual content that is rendered in the 3D world.

Light Estimation. Create realistic looking objects by having its own light change dynamically according to the environment lighting.

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