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Luxon is a library for dealing with dates and times in JavaScript.


  • A nice API for working with datetimes
  • Interval support (from time x to time y)
  • Duration support (14 days, 5 minutes, 33 seconds)
  • Parsing and Formatting datetimes, intervals, and durations
  • Internationalization of strings using the Intl API
  • Detailed and unambiguous math operations
  • Built-in handling of time zones
  • Partial support for multiple calendar systemsFor more, see the docs on the left, including the api docs

The most important class in Luxon is DateTime. A DateTime represents a specific millisecond in time, along with a time zone and a locale. Here’s one that represents May 15, 2017 at 8:30 in the morning:

const dt = DateTime.local(2017, 5, 15, 8, 30);

DateTime.local takes any number of arguments, all the way out to milliseconds. Underneath, this is similar to a JavaScript Date object. But we’ve decorated it with lots of useful methods.


Stan is an experienced full-stack developer and software engineer who is focused on web and game development. He is enthusiastic about new technologies. Stan is highly skilled in many programming languages and frameworks, and he always tries to deliver the best approach.

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